Sustrainegrenity is formed with the aim of spreading  knowledge and awareness of  global warming, climate change and sustainability

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About Us

Sustrainegrenity aims to build and develop an informed community of people practicing sustainability in their everyday lives. With a conscious decision to reduce carbon footprint at its own level , the community feels empowered to bring about a positive change  resulting in reduced global warming . This translates into lower intensity hurricanes, reduced drought spells , greener environment , lesser diseases , healthier population ,reduced energy and fuel consumption and frees up more resources for growth, development and building resiliency against future climate risks.



We provide the following range of solutions:

  • Sustainability Planning, Assessment , Strategy & Recommendations
  • Employee Engagement and Behavioral Change Initiatives
  • Corporate Sustainability Report


Training capsules are continuously updated to incorporate new concepts.  Following are some of the modules

  • Training on basic concepts of Sustainability
  • Refreshers on Sustainable Living
  • Workshops and Onsite

Green Initiatives

Our Green Initiatives include

  • Our annual giving day
  • Events and Workshops for kids and adults to spread awareness
  • Monthly newsletter


To contribute to our green initiatives, consider making a small donation



What does sustainability mean to me?

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How can I get Involved?

Although there are a number of ways in which you  can get involved with the organization and its day to day activities , the easiest ways are to volunteer , donate and fundraise for us.


Eligible donations made to our organization are tax deductible. To help the organization fulfill its mission , consider donating a small amount . A little donation goes a long way in ensuring a sustainable future.





If you would like to volunteer your time or expertise to the organization, feel free to drop us a line. We are always on a look out for help . There does exist a need for short term opportunities ( 1-2 hrs ) as well as long term responsibilities (10-15 hrs per month).



Anyone can raise funds for our organization. This can be done by organizing workplace events, charity fund raisers or setting up online donation pages. If you have any ideas or suggestions for fund raising , please contact us.

Contact Us

Drop us a line below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Alternatively , you can write to us

P.O.Box 20090,
527 Hudson Street, Front A,
New York, NY 10014-9992

Phone: (347) 774-0059