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Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management involves management of natural resources – earth, water and air along with management of scientific , technological and business processes. It involves management of cities, planet , businesses and corporates so that present needs can be met without compromising on the capability to be able to meet the future needs of coming generations.

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Technology and Climate change

Climate change is a global problem caused by technology and can only be solved by and through it. Any environmental policy that aims to address the issue of global warming and climate change must focus and include the technological aspect. Climate change is unique in that the effects are in future and cannot be quantified. Since the effect are unmeasurable and not visible in the present, it is an issue which fails to attract attention of the common man who is bogged down by day to day problems which take up his entire energy. Hence, it is an issue which is sidelined by global heads and large conglomerates that are busy amassing votes and money .

Another important view to be considered is that – is the effect of climate change so disastrous that it can negate all the advances caused by neglecting it or is the cost of combatting climate change so high that it stops all advances and causes global unrest and results in a global war that mitigates its efforts. Both sides of the coin have to be viewed objectively and a decision has to be made to decide the extent to which resources have to diverted to combat it and the resources which have to be utilized for future advances at the expense of it.

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The issue of climate change

The issue of climate change attracts a lot of attention both from national and international media. It is because the problem transcends all borders and affects one and all nations equally. It is an issue which can be viewed from a number of angles : political, economic, ethical , technological  or geographical. Devising a sustainable environmental policy with consent from a global population is the only way that this problem can be solved and rooted out.

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National Volunteer Week

Its National Volunteer Week from April 15 to April 21st. Consider volunteering your time or effort for a cause of your choice. Start at your community level or go city wide. You can volunteer from home or go out to your favorite organization. You can donate money or you could donate your services. Do something. Don’t just sit there and see the week pass by. Volunteer. Click a pic and send it to us with a hashtag # . #i volunteer because …..IMG_8348

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What is bad sustainability?

IMG_9584 3Online research conducted by Sustrainegrenity in New York Metropolitan Area (by administering google forms to 50 respondents )shows that 98% of respondents knew about global warming and 97% were aware of the concept of sustainability. 65% would like to learn more about sustainability and how they can bring about a change while 30 % were not interested and the rest were not too sure.

Important topics that interested respondents were

1. Reducing , recycling and upcycling waste
2. Best ways to choose products and wastes to ensure continued sustainability
3. Sustainability at a community level
4. Reducing individual carbon footprint
5. Hemp Farming

A very unusual request was to provide more information on the effects and consequences of bad sustainability and the ways to recognize and diminish it. This struck to me as interesting because we often talk about sustainability and its good effects, but mention is never made of the negative or bad practices that may emerge in the name of sustainability which may actually cause harm and no good. The point that emerges is that ” Is there anything such as BAD SUSTAINABILITY ?” and if there is – who defines it and its characteristics .