About Us

Sustrainegrenity Inc’s vision is to create a global community of individuals who protect our planet and sustain its resources for future generations. It aims to create environmental, economic, and social value by promoting sustainability. Organizational values include collaboration and diversity, respect for nature, equity and social justice, transparency, integrity, accountability, and sustainability.


We provide the following range of solutions:

  • Sustainability Planning, Assessment , Strategy & Recommendations
  • Employee Engagement and Behavioral Change Initiatives
  • Corporate Sustainability Report


Training capsules are continuously updated to incorporate new concepts.  Following are some of the modules

  • Training on basic concepts of Sustainability
  • Refreshers on Sustainable Living
  • Workshops and Onsite

Green Initiatives

Our Green Initiatives include

  • Our annual giving day
  • Events and Workshops for kids and adults to spread awareness
  • Monthly newsletter


To contribute to our green initiatives, consider making a small donation