Technology and Climate change

Climate change is a global problem caused by technology and can only be solved by and through it. Any environmental policy that aims to address the issue of global warming and climate change must focus and include the technological aspect. Climate change is unique in that the effects are in the future and cannot be quantified. Hence, it is an issue that, on the one hand, fails to attract the attention of the average man bogged down by day-to-day problems and, on the other hand, is continuously sidelined by global heads and large conglomerates busy amassing votes and money.
Another dimension to be considered is that – is the effect of climate change so disastrous that it can negate all the advances caused by neglecting it? Or is the cost of combatting climate change so high that it stops all advances and causes global unrest resulting in a war that mitigates its efforts. Both sides of the coin need to be viewed objectively to determine the ratio of resources required to combat it now vis a vis those saved for the future.

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