Training Instruments


MBTI® is based on Carl Jung’s principle of “Psychological Types”. There are 16 Myers Briggs personality types and knowledge of ones’ type provides the best way to approach work, manage time, solve problem , make decisions and deal with stress. Businesses can use MBTI® for

Assembling teams
Facilitating communication
Motivating employees:
Less conflict, greater efficiency
Leadership development
Leading well


The TKI® instrument can help with

Conflict management—to identify different conflict-handling styles and to learn how to choose the appropriate style for any situation
Team building—improves team functioning by helping members reconcile differences and work together more effectively
Leadership development—enhances leaders’ conflict management skills
Performance improvement—helps eliminate barriers to effective performance
Stress reduction—gives employees the capacity and tools to identify and manage workplace stress
Retention—helps employees be successful, improve morale, and stay engaged in order to build a stronger organization and retain the best talent


Provides type-specific information for helping students with learning tasks and relationships, and accepting their own personal learning style
Evaluates the emotional, behavioral and learning aspects of students
Clarifies communication styles, resulting in positive team-building and cooperation
Narrows career interests and provide activities and information related to specific opportunities for students to explore, while keeping their type, skills, interests, and values in mind
Provides students with an objective evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses in relation to their peers, and help ensure positive outcomes

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